Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dating Sunday

I've been a little quiet around here - something I hope to change now that the page has turned to 2016.

If your resolution for 2016 includes finding love, today is the perfect day to start!

According to, the world's largest dating website, National Online Dating Day is the proven busiest day for online dating. Happening every year on the first Sunday in January, the exact time down to the minute this year is 8:52pm ET on Sunday, January 3th.

This heavy influx of traffic falls within Match’s “Peak Season,” which spans from December 25th to February 14th annually. During this time, Match will see a 60% spike in new members!

Online dating is largely about numbers - the more people you meet, the more likely you are to meet the right one.

Grab that great holiday selfie, put together a few words about yourself, and start meeting fun people!

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