Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All settled

So.... I'm all moved in. Not quite settled yet, but getting there. I sold my home (to excellent friends, actually), and moved into an apartment. Perfect for my single-gal lifestyle.

I basically took the month of April off from dating. Between packing, hosting a large family party, and starting a new job - there was no time. I learned (or maybe I was reminded of) something interesting:

I'm happier when I'm single.

That's not to say I don't like dating (sometimes), or that I'm resigning myself to official crazy cat lady status just yet. I just noticed that I was happier when I didn't have to juggle annoying emails from guys I don't want, and silence from those I do.

It was actually a huge relief, and while I know I will return to dating eventually, I have to say - it is nice knowing I don't need to date to be happy.


  1. LOL That's me as well. It is sooooo old. I think I've actually given up but still go through the motions every couple of weeks on OKC. I think I'll eventually begin keeping track of how long I can abstain from dating. And each time I'll break my last record. Eventually I'll be free indeed! Sorta like a cessation program. ;-)

    1. I just noticed this comment. Love the idea of a dating cessation program!