Monday, November 7, 2011

Bad boys

There's just something about a bad boy. When I was younger, all I wanted was that guy who wasn't quite on the right side of things; who had a little edge; who didn't always walk the straight and narrow. I wanted a guy who commanded respect, and maybe even a little fear, in others - but who would be a teddy bear for me. I wanted the guy who seemed like he was too wild to be tamed - except by our love. *swoon*

I wanted it so much - I married it.

I was lucky; though things ultimately didn't work out as planned, my bad boy never treated me badly. But isn't it funny how so many women girls, who don't know better, want the boy who's bad to treat them well? 

Most aren't as lucky as me. Those guys who can't be tamed, who don't know how to behave, or treat others don't usually make good sons, or employees or students. Most also don't make very good partners. But the idea is just s'darn romantic. How does a girl get over that? 

The idea that you can change a person, that love can conquer all (including personality flaws) is a fairy tale. So the way you get over that? 

Grow up. 

Realize that you should stop looking for the guy you think you want, and then hoping he'll learn how to behave, or treat you. Figure out how you want to be treated; figure out what you need, and what you want - and what you can't put up with.

Then go find a guy who already knows how.


  1. LOVE IT! I know far too many who need to get this...

  2. I only ever Tweet. What am I doing here? Oh. This.

    Tell me, tell me where I'm going
    I don't know where I've been
    Tell me, tell me, won't you tell me
    And then tell me again
    My heart is breaking, my body's aching
    And I don't know where to go
    Tell me, tell me, won't you tell me
    I've just got to know

  3. So totally true! I know so many girls like that. What I want is a man...not a boy.

  4. GngrStorm - I couldn't have said it better myself. Awesome.