Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Worth the wait

After I went out and invested a bunch of money (and risked personal injury) for Big - which obviously didn't pan out the way I hoped - I promised myself I would never do that for a guy again. I told myself that I would never do anything that I didn't want, just because it was important to any guy.

Never say never. 

I spent Sunday with Trooper. First up? Church. 

I never go to church. When I say never, I mean since the day I was confirmed into the Catholic church, I haven't attended a mass unless someone got married, died or was baptized. I only went through with the confirmation because my father insisted. 

But, it's important to Trooper. Not that I go to church, but going is an important part of his life. I figure if this relationship is going to continue in the direction I'd like, then I'd better be ready to compromise. If I remember correctly, that is a part of a relationship. 

After church we went to lunch - and then back to my house. You'll never guess what we did. Go ahead...just try.

Football. All afternoon.

I don't watch football.

X tried. 28-year-old tried. Heck even Gardner tried to get me to watch a game. With Gardner and 28YO, I'd say maybe it was that I  didn't care enough. With X that certainly wasn't the case; I did marry the guy, so I think I could have given him a Sunday or two over the years. 

But there I was, sitting on my sofa with Trooper asking questions, cheering when it seemed appropriate, and generally trying to get into the game. I said to him, "You should be proud of yourself; you managed to do what no man has done before you - and not for a lack of trying." I was kidding - mostly. Then I said, "I must really like you...." (That wasn't kidding at all.) 

No matter how independent or stubborn or protective you are of your time, if you want a relationship to work, eventually you're going to have to step outside your comfort zone. There's no way around it; everyone has to give a little to get a lot. 

I guess what I'm learning is that some guys really are worth the trouble. And those guys are most definitely worth the wait.


  1. I don't care what you say, I'll likely not ever run with Frank. But I do watch Top Gear

  2. Oh - I hear you. Trooper runs, too. Compromise is one thing, but let's not get crazy. ;)