Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sappy, happy girl

I said to my cousin, "I think I'm in love."

Her response? "Oh, I could have told you that last week. But I figured I'd keep my mouth shut and let you tell me."


Apparently, when I told her about my second date with Trooper, and how much I was looking forward to the third date, she could see it "all over my face." She could tell I was getting all sappy and gooey and lovey-dovey over him already.

I just realized it, myself. After our third date - and then a fourth - I noticed a shift. I'm reacting to silly love songs differently. I'm smiling - but not just in an, "Oh, look, she's having a good day," sort of way; more of a, "Oh my goodness, she's annoying!" way.

If I had a notebook, I'd be doodling our names in little hearts.

It's all so silly, and sappy, and I am totally becoming that girl I can't stand, who gets all starry-eyed over a guy.

At some point, I know I'll have to reign it in; but for right now, I'm just going to enjoy the ride.

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  1. You are a walking Hallmark card and it's totally cute.