Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hair products to the rescue

We all know dating is difficult. A single gal needs all the help she can get. Good friends, willingness to take risks, a good place for advice, and a little confidence all go a long way in navigating the rough waters of dating. Hair products can go a long way to helping with confidence.

This post is sponsored - but I really do use
this product. I absolutely recommend it to anyone,
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So let's talk hair. 

I have always been the sort of woman who takes her hair style very seriously. I am blessed with hair that grows outrageously fast, so I can take more chances with cuts and color than some - because I know it'll grow right back (or out). 

I've joked that growing up in the 80s means that my self-confidence is directly correlated to the amount of hairspray in my hair. I'm obviously kidding about the hairspray (though I sported my share of big 80s hair), but there is something to be said for how much more confident one feels when she knows her hair is looking good.

When you like your hair, you hold your head higher. You smile more, you stand up straighter, you walk into a room without hesitation. I have had more than one guy say to me that a woman's hair is one of the first things he notices. But even if the guy whose attention you're after doesn't feel that way - he's sure to notice the confident smile from the word go.

Since I have a lot of hair, and what has been described as a "sassy" style, I am not one to skimp when it comes to hair care, or hair styling products. But, I have a lot of important ways to use my money, so making my style dollars stretch is also a priority. 

Through the magic of the Single Edition Network, I found a site called folica.com - where it's all about hair. Folica understands that your hair is an important accessory - and through January 1, they are giving customers the chance to win up to $50 instantly, to spend on great hair!

With over 60,000 hair products, 300 brands, and 70,000 customer reviews, folica.com is your source for one-stop hair-care shopping. Check them out today - and cross great hair off your holiday wish list!

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  1. I really want to try a hair oil but my hair is really fine so I'm a bit wary. This sounds like it works well as a weekly treatment though.

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