Friday, December 14, 2012

He's out

The last "bad decision" I made a few weeks ago resulted in a date with a convicted felon.

Let me start at the beginning...

Music Man clicked "Yes" to my profile on the Plenty of Fish "Meet Me" feature. I was notified. I'd seen his profile before, and honestly - I thought we probably wouldn't be a good fit because it looked like he led a pretty exciting life. He's in entertainment, goes to parties, most of his pictures were at bars, etc.

Emboldened by the "Yes," I sent him an email. We started chatting, and then texting, and the next night we spoke on the phone. We agreed to meet for lunch the following day.

I'd already learned that not only did he work in entertainment - his job is in the "adult entertainment" industry. By itself, not a huge issue - though I'll admit, a little intimidating. The biggest challenge that presented would actually have been logistical - his schedule is completely opposite my own. It's very rare that we are both not at work and awake at the same time.

But I wasn't going to let that stop me.

Over lunch, he told me he has several kids (each with a different mom) but no baby-momma-drama. Hmmm... I wonder how you could have that many people, and no drama? He also admitted that his last relationship ended badly, and quite abruptly, leaving him without a place to live or a car. His boss had stepped in to help out - and he was still taking advantage of those favors.

Now...I don't begrudge anyone riding a wave and saving a little money. What I am not a fan of is someone trying to date while his life is in transit. See, my life (work, home, car, bills, etc) is pretty settled. That frees me up to pursue relationships. I understand life happens, and you can't always be settled - but maybe those unsettled times are not the best time to be searching for your soul mate? Just sayin'.

That was truly strike one.

Then he admitted to having a felony conviction. By itself, under different circumstances, maybe not a huge thing. But he still engages in the behavior that landed him in trouble. That's a problem for me. Making a mistake and learning a lesson? Fabulous. Ignoring that lesson and perpetuating the problem?

Strike two.

After lunch, he texted to tell me that he'd had a great time, and asked when he could see me again. This was a Wednesday. I told him next week, because I was busy Thursday, he works Friday and Saturday nights, and spends Sundays with his kids. That brings us to Monday, so did he want to make plans?

That was the last I ever heard from him.

Strike three. He's out.


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    1. Hahahaha!

      I think some guys expect the woman to do the chasing. I'm not above pursuing anyone - but give me a reason, ya know?