Monday, November 22, 2010

On the Move

June 2010

Roller blading? Ugh - I can't roller blade. I wonder if he'll just go on his own...

...Was what I was thinking. In reality though, when Big asked me to make the financial (and physical) investment of joining him in his favorite summer past-time, I couldn't say no. I mean, he could have just gone on his own - but he was choosing to spend time with me. When he suggested I learn how so that we could still spend that time together, it seemed like the natural thing to do. I mean - he did sit through the Sex and the City movie for me.

The thing was, my joints are shot. Injuries and surgeries as a kid have left me with problems that make that type of exercise tough on me. As a result, I couldn't just buy whatever equipment, I needed some specialized stuff to keep safe, and make this work. It ended up being more of a financial investment than I wanted to (or really should) make - but that's part of a relationship, right? 

I asked a couple of people, and they all agreed that it was very cool that Big was looking to share his hobbies. It was also a personal growth opportunity for me. Big had already inspired me to try some new things - I was listening to new music, I was joining new groups. I'd even gone on a hike with my girlfriend, which was something I never would have previously tried. 

I wasn't sure why, but Big really inspired me to fear less and try more. I was using the words "I can't" far less since meeting him. Now, here he was, presenting me with another chance not only to grow and try more - but to share something with him. 

It was part of a relationship. I was starting to feel ready, and it was starting to feel right....


  1. The more I read about Big, the more I think he is the one who helped bring back some of your Shine and pull you out of your shell a bit...

    there's more, but I don't want to ruin the ending your story for your readers. :)

  2. Thank you... I tend to agree. Guess we'll just have to see.

    By the way, I think I'm on track to be done with the Big saga by next week. :)

  3. It's wonderful to feel like a green light. Everyone loves a green light.

  4. Stine - It is. I hope to again, someday. :)