Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Honest dating confessions

Have you seen the Buzzfeed list of 29 Startlingly Honest Dating Confessions?

Confessions I find totally reasonable:

• I stopped dating someone because I didn't like his Netflx queue.

Confessions I find totally unsurprising:

• I'm dating someone for his money.

• I'm dating a man that's as old as my father.

• I run background checks on every guy before I start dating him.

Confessions I suspect will lead to big problems:

• I'm dating a dad, but have no interest in being involved with his kids...I just love him so much.

• We act like we're dating but he won't make it official. He just says "we will." I've fallen...I hope he's serious.

....and now, a few of my own personal, startlingly honest dating confessions...

• I have gone on dates solely for free meals, blog material, and/or sex.

• I have lied to end a bad date quickly.

• I have dated people longer than I wanted, just because I was bored.

• I would rather make a guy break up with me than have to do the breaking up. I'm always afraid I'll cave if he asks for another chance.

• I have dated guys who I honestly believed to be out of my league.

• I think I might have a fear of commitment.


  1. :) Loved all of this.

    And I love your honesty.

  2. Netflix queue is a good compatibility check. Same TV/movie interests is huge for me, cause that's what you'll probably be doing together most nights, once the honeymoon is over.

    Never dated anyone that was out of my league, is that an ego booster or buster?

    1. I found it to be a great ego boost. Even when it ultimately didn't work out, it helped me reshape how I see myself.