Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meet me

I can't emphasize enough how important it is for a guy to have a plan. There is no bigger turnoff to me than when a guy asks me out, and then says, "OK, what time and where do you want to meet?"

Planning a date is work. If I was looking for a project, I could have found one on my own.

So when I say I'll meet you for coffee, and ask you to let me know where, saying "Probably some Dunkin' Donuts somewhere," is not a plan.

Considering there are approximately 873,954 DDs in this area, what you've really come up with is a hassle. I do not need to meet men in order to find a hassle. I have family for that.

Honestly - if you're not even interested enough to actually choose a place, how badly do you really want to meet? It's OK if you're not that into me - just say so, and we can just move on.

I can get my own hot chocolate.

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