Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet me

I've discovered a new way to meet more people on Plenty of Fish; it's called the Meet Me feature (go figure, right?). 

Meet Me works by showing you the users photos, location, tag line and "looking for" information, and asking if it's someone you'd be interested in meeting. If you say yes, PoF notifies that user that "So and so wants to meet you!" 

This seems to do two things. One - it inspires users to view a profile they might have otherwise overlooked, and two - it gives a user the confidence they might have lacked to approach someone. PoF also keeps track of users you've said you want to meet, and who have said they want to meet you. 

Pretty cool.

I'll be honest; I got over my fear of approaching people online a while back - mostly. There's still the occasional guy that I don't approach, because one look at his profile tells me he's not interested in the short, chubby brunette. I'm not really afraid of approaching those guys, as much as I'm trying to avoid wasting anyone's time (including my own). 

But, a feature like this does prove that it's not always easy to judge what a person's taste might be. Is it a little superficial? I suppose; to meet or not to meet is based primarily on a person's photo. But isn't that true of any first meeting? You don't approach a person at a party or in a bookstore based on their personality, do you? No, it's almost always dependent (at least in part) on physical attraction. 

You have to start somewhere, right?

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