Thursday, October 13, 2011

Master of disguise

A while back, I told the story about how I went to see a psychic after Big broke up with me. But I don't think I ever told how I also had my tarot cards read.

I actually had three readings (don't judge; my heart was broken). I went to an acquaintance who charges for readings, and then had two separate friends read for me, too. 

I don't know much anything about tarot cards. All three of my readers (? psychics? mediums?) gave me a basic explanation, most of which I've since forgotten. I do know that the cards aren't literal; they're all symbolic, and each card's meaning can change depending on the other cards that appear. 

You start by clearing your mind, and focusing on a question you want the deck to answer, while shuffling the cards. All three times I was told to shuffle as long as I wanted, until I was sure that I'd really thought about the question enough. Then you cut the deck for the reader, who begins revealing cards on the table. 

Now, remember - I was all I'm-heart-broken-I'll-love-Big-forever at this time, so that's where I put all my focus. All I cared about was finding love. 

All three of the readings showed that Big was not, in fact, the guy for me. But all three said that he served an important purpose in my life, and that I was about to hit a turning point, because of him. 

All three also said that I would find love, with someone who was grounded and stable and knows exactly what he wants. All said I'd have to be patient, but that it would happen. Not only that, all three said that man is someone who I already know.  

The first part of the readings, about Big's role in my life, turned out to be 100% right, which makes me wonder - is it possible the other part is true, too? Could a mature, stable, grounded, self-aware guy actually exist? If he does - could he really be someone I've already met? 

 If he does exist - he's apparently a master of disguise.

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