Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why bother?

My dislike for bad spelling and grammar in a profile is no secret. I can't stand when someone can't take the time to at least check for mistakes. Does everyone make them? Of course. But overall, your profile should reflect your best foot forward - the way you should always present yourself.

Taking it one step further, the latest thing seems to be non-profiles - users who create a dating profile, but don't bother filling it out. What's the point? To stalk view profiles and see who's out there, before you go "live" and really get into things? Maybe. But then why email people? And if you're going to email - why not say something constructive?

Like I said in today's Singles Warehouse post, it's the virtual equivalent of putting on a ski mask and going up to someone in a bar and grunting at them. Just don't do it.

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