Monday, October 3, 2011

Nice or creepy?

So, I told Gardner that I didn't think we should see each other anymore. That I wasn't sure enough of the two of us to keep things going, and that I needed some space, and time, to sort things out. I basically told him I wanted a break.

It lasted all of two days.

Prior to that conversation, I'd purchased tickets for a local benefit concert, and the plan was we would attend together. Two days after our conversation, he texted me about an hour before the show to ask if I'd found anyone to take the other ticket.

I told him I hadn't, so I was going solo, and I couldn't really talk since I was on my way. The weather was bad for driving, and there was a ton of traffic. About forty minutes before the start time, I get a message from him that he's leaving his house. I responded, "Please don't. You won't make it in time, and I don't want to wait for you; I want to get seated before it starts."

His response was that he'd been reyally wanting to see the show, so he'd just go and buy a ticket and sit on his own. Right. Thing is, I couldn't exactly tell him he wasn't allowed to attend the concert. It's a public place, and he has ever right to purchase a ticket and sit in his seat.

But I didn't expect him to come find me.

I didn't make a scene at the theater; I moved over, let him sit with me, and enjoyed the music. On the way out, I let him walk me to my car, and headed home - alone. But the next day, I told him that while I realized he was trying to be nice - what he did wasn't cool, wasn't acceptable, and absolutely could not happen again.

I told him besides being uncomfortable - I felt like he imposed. I had my evening all planned out, to be on my own, and enjoy the concert solo. Then out of nowhere - Bam! - I was on a date.

The thing is - I'm not sure if I would have felt that way if I really liked this guy? If I did, wouldn't I feel like, wow - that was really sweet? Or am I so used to being on my own that now, I'm annoyed if anyone gets in the way of "me time?"

What do you think? Was he being nice? Or was that just creepy? 


  1. I say "possibly well intentioned, but creepy"

  2. That was my take, as well. Which is what I said when I confronted him about it, and he seemed to understand.