Friday, October 7, 2011

What a week

I'm having a rough week. It's one of those weeks where you feel like, if you make it through without throwing yourself (or someone else) down a flight of stairs, it's a win. 

First, as a follow up to this conversation with Gardner, I told him that I wanted a clean break, that we don't communicate well and we just aren't a good fit. He responded by announcing his undying devotion and love, telling me that he "believes in US" and that he will be there if I ever change my mind. 

Then, I found he was on the dating site less than twelve hours later. 

Of course he should move on - we broke up. I'm not upset about that. It just makes me doubt everything he said - and leaves me wondering, why say it, if you don't really mean it? Obviously, cooties are the only explanation. But seriously - can I trust anyone?

While I was still sulking about that, I got the strangest email from a guy who wanted to talk about horror movies and some new airplane. Huh? It was almost like he wasn't speaking English. His profile suggested he was normal, so I stalked investigated vetted a little further. Turns out, there's a reason he seemed awkward making conversation - he doesn't have a lot of experience. Yeah - you guessed it. I was contacted by a 40-year-old virgin.

And just like that, my life became a Steve Carrell movie. 

As if that wasn't enough, the next day I got an email from a guy who actually seemed very nice. I probably would have even responded, except for one, tiny detail. This "guy" is two years younger than my father. 

So how was your week?

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