Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not a chance

When I'm in a salon, I like to just sit and relax. I'm not there to talk or make friends, I'm just there to get some peace and quiet, and for some me-time. But that doesn't mean I won't eavesdrop on other conversations - especially when they won't be quiet.

So the other day, I was getting my nails done, and the two women behind me, who were obviously meeting for the first time, struck up a conversation. It came out that the younger woman was a single mom, with no boyfriend, and of course the other woman had the normal, "Aww, you'll find someone," married woman reaction. Yech.

The younger woman said, "There are no good men around here, let me tell you. It's like they're all either rich, but ugly, or good-looking, but have no money."

Um - and you're wondering why you're still single?

Listen, I get it. We all have little things we want in a significant other. And I'm not saying anyone should date a dead-beat (I certainly wouldn't). But if a guy's looks and his bank account are the only things you care about - or even just what you care about most - is it any wonder you can't find someone?

There are so many people out there who don't fit that "perfect" mold, but who might be absolutely perfect for you. If you're not open to the possibility, then how will you ever know? Who knows who you might miss out on in your search for some soap opera hero that only exists on daytime TV?

Not a chance someone looking for love should be willing to take.


  1. Agreed. Some people set their standards so high that they miss out on a lot of wonderful people.


  2. Wow...wonder what her baby-daddy was like...