Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where to find a date

The other day, on a blog I frequent, we were discussing what type of people you meet in bars. OK, actually we were discussing the use of the word "girls" versus "women" - but it all started from a discussion about what types to meet where, and the conversation snowballed.

Anyway, several people made the comment (on both blogs, actually) that it is difficult to meet people outside of bars. That amazes me. Mostly because I've met dozens of dates, new friends, relationships both short and long term, and business partners - all without ever entering a bar. Not to mention the countless guys who never even made it to "date" status. 

Of course, a lot of people aren't willing to meet others online, which is where I've met most of the new people in my life. Not just dating sites, either. I've met dozens of people through twitter and blogs as well.  

But even if I didn't meet people online, I know bars wouldn't be my primary place to meet new people. Why?  

I don't drink. 

Don't get me wrong. I go to bars. I'm usually with a group of friends, and I'm not out to meet new people. I'm not opposed to the idea - it just isn't my purpose. 

It's not going to happen by magic.
So, if I was the sort who avoided dating sites, and I also avoid bars - how would I meet people? That seems to be the question that some of these people need to answer. 

The first trick is to do more alone - you're more approachable when you're solo. No guy likes the idea of being rejected - he likes it even less when it's in front of an audience. Not sure where to go? The possibilities are endless.

  • Hit the bookstore - and look at more than just the romance novels
  • Take your laptop to the coffee shop and catch up on work
  • Join a club
  • Join a church group
  • Pick up a sport
  • Go to the gym
  • Go to the park
  • Go to the movies 
  • Go to dinner
.... Basically, live your life, but try to do more of it alone. Pretty soon, you'll probably have more company than you bargained for. 


  1. I like where you're going with this. I like the idea of living your life without being on the hunt (maybe not quite what you meant :-) but that's how it sorts out in my mind.) Thanks!

  2. I'm not on the hunt so this info is useless to me but it seems like it could be some helpful tips for someone.

  3. The library is a great place to meet new people. Also, a good friend of mine met her husband at a weekend photography class offered through the community college. Classes like that are great because you meet tons of people with common interests in a few short hours.

  4. Gym's a good idea. That's where my husband and I (officially) met.


  5. This is really good advice to give. THe only time id ever even think about meeting someone in a bar was when I had once specific need that needed to be met. Never to find the man of my dreams. I found mine on a dating site too, those are nice beacuse u get to pick out whatever kind of guy you want. I was lucky to find someone who loves doing all the same things as me and we've been extremely happy ever since :)

  6. Lady in Red - Exactly! Being yourself and living your life are the perfect way to meet someone who really suits you. :)

    alana - That's something I really like about dating websites. I think it's one of the main advantages to meeting people online.

    I love the idea of a gym - and a library! So perfect!

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