Wednesday, January 25, 2012

V-Day pressure

It's coming; you can't fight it, or stop it. You can try to ignore it - or simply make the best of it.

Valentine's Day.

It probably seems like I should be OK with it this year. Everything is going really well with Trooper, and all signs point to me having a Valentine (my first in many years!).

But it's a lot of pressure. Honestly - I'd gotten used to being solo on V-Day. Last year, I got a gift card from my favorite cousin (for shoes!) and had a fantastic date (dinner and shopping) with Baking Suit.
Shoes, food and friends - the stuff all the best dates and holidays are made of. No pressure, no stress, no worries.

It was glorious.

Don't get me wrong - I'm happy to be with Trooper, and will appreciate any gesture he makes for February 14.

But it's still stressful. What if he forgets? Does that mean he doesn't care? Or set the tone for our relationship? How big a deal should I make of it? What if one of us makes a bigger deal than the other? Card? Gift? Both?!


It's half annoying and half exciting to have this "problem." Part of me thinks it shouldn't be this way; that we should treat the day like any other, and celebrate our relationship in our own time. (Particularly since it's so new.) Another part of me is happy to have the worry - since it also means I have him in my life.

All of me is excited to see what happens.


  1. Hmmm I don't think I could handle the stress of all that... lol... I would just sit him down and ask what/if he was going to do anything. And decide together what sort of cards/gifts to exchange.. not so Romantic, I know, but it would work for me ;-) xx

  2. Valentines day adds a lot of pressure to relationships. I have seen a handful of couples break up on V-day or shortly thereafter.

    My wife and I don't do anything for each other...a mutual agreement.

  3. Valentine's day oh man is that a commercial day or what? Spend all the money in the world, get her flowers, get him a present, get her a card, buy her a dinner, buy sexy underwear to give him a special night afterwards and the list goes on and on. If you're excited to see what happens it means that you are indeed waiting for something :)

  4. Just chill out and go put on some lingerie! Over thinking will just make you anxious

  5. Don't worry too much or you'll worry the fun our of Valentine's. I'm sure your Valentine's Day will turn out beautifully.