Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Princes and frogs

The other night, my friend's four-year-old daughter got all dressed up in her Sleeping Beauty costume, grabbed her magic wand, waved it at her brother and said,
Hold still. I'm gonna turn you into a frog!
My friend said,
Wouldn't that be great? We could turn the ones we didn't want back into frogs, and keep them all in a pond.
It got me thinking. If all women turned every guy who wronged them into a frog, we'd have a serious population problem in the amphibian world. Still - we might be onto something.

The whole idea that women have to kiss frog after frog, waiting for one to turn into her prince is...demoralizing and a little discouraging. When he turns into the prince, the girl still runs around trying to make herself attractive to him. Why? He's a frog for pete's sake!

That seems backwards. The men should be the ones who have to prove themselves. I mean - after all, it is the woman with the power to kiss - or not. Let's just go ahead and assume every woman is a princess - and the guys have to prove themselves to be prince-worthy.

If she sees fit to let him stay a prince - he should totally be treating her like a queen.


  1. I got lost a little in this new theory. So if the guy doesn't prove himself to be prince worthy... she can kiss him again and he'll turn back into a frog? :D

  2. OOoh... How I'd love to go back and FROG some of the past amphibians I dated....

    This road goes both ways, some women want to be treated like princesses/queens... but will not treat their "other" as the prince he is....

    So... if the women abuse this priviledge... can the man/prince VETO this, and turn her into a SHREW?

    I can think of a couple girls that should be SHREWED!

  3. Have you seen Disney's version of Princess and the Frog? I like that one best, because both the frog Prince and the Princess need to be worthy of each other before turning back into their true form. It's a lot like what your take is here, and it's very true. No ones perfect and we're all frogs in someway, we just need to find someone to make us worthy of our true form, and vice versa.


  4. So guys must continue to prove themselves to be a prince while the "princess" does nothing? Not fair!

    I'm mildly offended by this post! It takes two to build a "kingdom" and the burden falls on the princess just as much as it does the prince.

    I agree with Kateri, there are a lot of shrews out there that don't deserve the prince that they have!

    Why should us "frogs" continue to work for the approval of some princess if there is no reward?

    Either you are a shrew or are one spoiled princess because this post is totally one sided and you are not seeing the bigger picture!

    Relationships are a collaborative effort!

  5. "Either you are a shrew or are one spoiled princess because this post is totally one sided and you are not seeing the bigger picture!"

    Spoiled, yes. I'll never deny that. In fact, it's on my dating profile, so it's something I disclose upfront.

    A shrew? Well, that's something I've never been called before.

    One-sided? Absolutely. It's my blog. If Trooper or any other guy about whom I've written wants to share his side, the comments section is open, and google accounts are free. I wouldn't presume to speak for him, anyway.

    As for me missing the bigger picture... It's a post inspired by a conversation I had with a four-year-old dressed in a princess costume. It was obviously meant to be taken with a grain of salt.

    Even the four-year-old knew it was only pretend when she said it.

  6. Perhaps I was reading too much into this post. But when this blog's focus point evolves around dating and relationships, then that's what I'm going to take from the message here.

    Yes, it is your blog, do with it what you will. I just thought that since this blog is primarily about relationships, that you would show partiality to both men and women and not make women out to be the only treasure to be gained from a relationship. All the while, making men out to be scum.

    Which brings me to my next point. My comment about this being one sided has to do with how it seems to be degrading men and not so much your point of view. In fact, it's not just this post that is demoralizing, it is the fairy tale itself. It sends the wrong message. It is basically is saying that men are ugly, useless beings and that only when a woman comes along will the man amount to being more than just a "frog".

    And I thought the conversation was with the young girl's mother and not the little one herself. My mistake. I didn't know people had such serious conversations with 4 year old kids.

    I'm a deep thinker...therefore I read between the lines and try to gather the full meaning of the message. I was simply stating what I took from this post...and I see at least 2 other comments that seem to think the same thing.

    Forgive me if I am coming across as rude. I hold my beliefs with much passion, such as EQUALITY in all relationships. This post doesn't demonstrate that and I felt the need to express myself.

    That is what blogging is all about, right? Expressing ourselves and sharing opinions? Again, I'm sorry if I am being rude. My passion on subjects override my mouth.

    I have spoken my mind and shall leave you be. Maybe next time I won't try to read too much into your posts.

  7. u know if we did do that i would need a huge pond........XD

  8. This is my new philosophy...kind of...I've decided that the next guy who comes along has to prove himself worthy of me.

  9. Wow, seems some people take amphibian-human relations quite seriously! :P

    I like the idea, but there is one small flaw...my fella, in his younger and less mature years, definitely upset at least one girl. If she turned him into a frog, that could be troublesome for our relationship...!

  10. Oneiroi - No, it would be fine! The ex could have turned him back into a frog - and then you could turn him into a prince.

    See, it's all part of the master plan. :)