Friday, January 20, 2012

Worst of 2011

My 2011 ended on a fantastic note. That doesn't mean that there weren't a few dating disasters. Here are few I would classify as the worst.

- Trapping myself in a guy's bedroom while trying to make a hasty, angry exit
- Too soon for the L word (way too soon)
- (Barely) a date with a Crush - who got married a few months later (to someone I know!)
- Guy who lied - about everything
- Having to "break up" after a first date

Still, I've got nothing on some of these.


  1. 2011 definitely had it's bad moments! Hopefully there will be much less bad things in 2012!

  2. wow you're dating a lot aren't you? well you know, we're all in search of our "one"... or just bored a lot :P

  3. Here's to 2012... And many more adventures and mishaps.. Its what keeps life interesting!

  4. I am so glad the guys I dated in 2011 are out of the picture. So.very.glad.