Friday, February 24, 2012

Dating survival kit

There are certain things I never leave home without - some things, I even have duplicates with me just about everywhere. For example, I have lip gloss in my purse and my car. I always keep deodorant, a toothbrush, hand-lotion, hairspray and perfume in my car.

If I'm going on a date, some of those things might end up in my purse, too - just in case I have an emergency in the restaurant, or I end up in his car.

I think the things we need, or where we need them, changes based on the status of the relationship. For example, having deodorant or hairspray in my purse is no longer a big deal to me, because I leave some at Trooper's house.

I think the point isn't that you might even need anything - as much as it is that knowing your favorite "things" are available just makes you feel better (read: less stressed, more confidant).

This post from How about we, 10 Things that should always be in your purse on a date, sums it up nicely. The things that make you feel confidant and pretty should be with you - at all times.


1 - Lipstick and/or chapstick
2 - Deordorant
4 - Tissues
5 - Pain meds (allergies are not an issue for me, but sore knees might be)
6 - Cash
7 - Phone (which includes a book app)
8 - Powder (I like to shine, but c'mon)
9 - Mints
10 - Safety pins/sewing kit


Perfect - no water required.
1 - Change of shoes (just in case those super-cute heels fail before my date does)
2 - Nail clipper and clear nail polish - for manicure emergencies
3 - Phone charger
4 - Umbrella (make it a purse-size, just in case)
5 - Mini-toothbrush

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  1. I never understood why women were so attached to purses (even though I'm a woman myself), and have always found using it for candy or kleenex for my kids, or garbage. Oh, and beating people with it - like my younger brother when he decides it's funny to irritate his pregnant sister. Ha ha.

    I learned something new today!