Friday, February 17, 2012

Girls have cooties, too

I was talking to a guy-friend at work the other day, recapping each other's Valentine's Day celebrations.

Me: How was your V-Day?

Him: Good. I had a meeting with a bunch of old, married guys (that is voluntary on his part, and happens every week). She and I will do something this weekend.

Me: WAIT!!! You kept your regular meeting instead of spending V-Day with her?!

Him: Yes, she said she didn't mind. Besides, it's also her birthday and she was going to her parents' for dinner.

Me: Oy. You cancel the meeting and take her out.

Him: We're not officially "boyfriend/girlfriend" so there's no obligation for that.

Me: You have to behave like a boyfriend before someone will call you a boyfriend.

Him: I do! She doesn't behave like a girlfriend.

That stopped me. Let's just suppose that he's the one who has asked to define the relationship, asked for more commitment and wants to move things forward - and she's not. She wants to keep things the way they are, says she "enjoys spending time together," and isn't ready to commit. She has, in fact, never committed to a long-term relationship.

That all sounds an awful lot like....a line a boy normally gives.

And you know what I say about boys...

So I guess girls can have cooties, too.


  1. I do not like commitment. I would rather get a lobotomy. I need space, time, and silence. Give him my number.