Monday, February 27, 2012

Sing the words

Trooper has a lot of funny, cute quirks. One of them is his knowledge of all things musical. For every situation, his mind comes up with a random soundtrack - and he sings the lyrics, basically serenading life.

I have a fairly common name - and it's in a lot of songs. The other night, Trooper was singing me a medley of {Insert Real Name Here} songs - until he came to one that required the lyric, "I love you." He sang right up to it, and then mumbled the sort of silly stuff people mumble when they don't know the lyrics. Except - he knows; everyone knows this song.

Even me - so I realized right away what he wasn't saying.

I suppose I could have gotten upset, or been a little hurt. I mean - he couldn't even sing the words in a lyric. That can't be good, right?

But I didn't get upset. I didn't even feel upset. Instead - I giggled.

I thought it was funny, and cute - like his other quirks. He asked if I was laughing because I knew what the next lyric should be. "Yup," I said, and kissed him on the cheek.

He laughed, too, and gave me a big smile. Then he said, "This is some good blog material, huh?"

That's the thing. When you find someone who makes you smile, who supports what you do, with whom you can laugh and who says and does the sweetest things - sometimes you just know that person is the right one.

Even if neither of you sing the words.


  1. <3'd this post.

    When Klay and I started... I used to tell him I hated him... when he was being oober sweet, and one day I told him that I hated him "with the fire of a thousand suns."

    It kind of stuck, we continuously used "like a thousand suns." for stuff...Knowing what the other meant.

    Took a bit, but we got there.

    Sounds like love to me.

    Have a Beautiful day!

  2. what a cute story! I love when post titles actually have some revelence to their content. You are a great storyteller.
    Happy Writing

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