Monday, August 13, 2012

Delusional dating

My best friend recently joined the ranks of the single and online-dating. While I'm not happy about the circumstances that brought her here, I am thrilled to have twice the blogging material. (Love me a silver-lining!)

Last week, she received an email on a dating site that said:

In my mind, I have already dated and divorced you. I gave you some money to afford your beautiful lifestyle and body, but you didn't get everything because of the prenup you signed. I had to divorce you because, even though you are hot and great in bed, I caught you in the cabana getting spanked by the pool boy. I just couldn't take that. You are such a naughty girl, and I like it - but only for me. I know you are gorgeous, but that doesn't give you the right to sleep around!

So, when are you free for dinner and drinks so we can start off on the path to that marriage?

Her response was something like, "OH my GOD, what a freak?! How do I attract such crazies?!" It's been a while since she was single and dating, and isn't accustomed to the sort of crazy that lands in your dating site inbox. I know the first crazy email I got made me doubt if I wanted to do online dating - or, frankly, dating at all - and if I'd made the right choices that had led to the end of previous relationships.

But I've been at this a long time. So my reaction to her email?

That's hilarious! Can I blog it?

I think that's why my friends keep me around; for the support, encouragement and understanding.


  1. That's an awesome email. I would have met him if only to convince him a prenup wasn't necessary and to take it all from him in the divorce ;)

  2. Yes, at least thats an original email. However, I dont fancy internet dates I must say..

  3. See, I thought it was awfully funny. ;)

    CD1083 - let that be a lesson.