Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I'm still seeing Sparrow. We've gotten together a few times since that first date on July 4th. I really do like him; he's funny, smart, knows how to spell and does not speak in shorthand, attractive, has a job, and does not live with his parents.

He could totally pass the test, if one were given.

He is also very open and upfront about how he feels. That's a wonderful thing, and I suppose it would be unfair to complain about someone being open about his feelings, when I say all I want is for someone to be open and honest.

But I'm gun-shy. Others have been "open and honest"...and said they really liked me....and then it turned out - they didn't. I trusted what they were saying (and/or how they were acting), and in the end, all I got was hurt.

But I keep telling myself that is also not fair. I shouldn't judge a man based on the actions of others.

I also keep reminding myself that this is something I find someone special, who makes me feel good, brings good to my life - and who wants me around. I want to find an honest, true, meant-to-be sorta love.

So I'd be foolish to walk away when I find that, just because I'm worried I might get hurt. The truth is, getting hurt will always be a possibility. If I close myself off to that possibility, then I have to close myself off to the possibility of love, too.

The universe keeps sending me signs. Like the other day, I found a blog post written by a friend, about his fiance (also a friend). I said to her,
If I'm still with Sparrow in a year, [he] can take a little credit. He reminded me that I would really like someone to feel that way about me (and not be afraid to say so out loud).
Thing is, I keep finding little reminders like that. I think it's the universe's way of saying, "Hey jackass - this is what you SAID you wanted, so what's your malfunction?!"

The universe can be so snotty and judgmental sometimes.


  1. Don't give him any credit. You'll make him think he does good things! ;)

    Give it some time, I think you'll be ok.

  2. this happened to me with my boyfriend before we started dating! haha and that's going great! I'm still trying to not be afraid of getting hurt, it's a process!