Monday, March 17, 2014

He texted

I went on a date this weekend. I hadn't been trying to meet anyone, this guy just started messaging me last week and seemed normal. Since that almost never happens, I said yes when he asked to meet for coffee.

He texted me in the morning, to make sure we were still meeting.

Then he texted me five times trying to choose a place to meet.

Then he texted me a few hours later to change the place.

Then he texted me to change the time.

(Annoyed yet? Imagine how I felt.)

Then he texted me 30 minutes before we were supposed to meet, to say he'd be 10 minutes early.

Then he texted 20 minutes later to say he was on his way.

Then he texted me to say he was pulling into the parking lot.

Then he texted me to ask where I was sitting.

(It was a coffee shop....not hard to spot.)

Then he texted to ask what I was wearing.

He finally came inside (not early), and we talked. We managed 30 minutes before running out of stuff to say - but not before we'd discussed the weather.

Guess what he did next?

He texted me to say he wanted to go out again.

So, I texted back - and said no thank you.


  1. LOL Could have been worse (calling each time). :-/

    1. Ha! He did call...but only once (thank goodness)!