Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Probably not a match

Sometimes when I look at who Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid want to match me with, I giggle. Mostly just so I don't cry.

I know they have to work with what they've got - but I wish I could just give them a hint.

We're probably not a match if...

• He's wearing camouflage in his profile photo.

• Or really, any photo.

• In fact, if he even owns any camouflage.

• If he has posted a photo of himself holding a fish.

• Or a dead deer he obviously just shot. Or really, any dead animal.

• Or a gun.

• If the name of the town in which he lives includes the word "Falls" or ends in "ville." There may be exceptions to this, but only a few.

• He can not properly spell the name of the town in which he lives.

• If he has posted a shirtless photo.

• Or a bathroom-mirror selfie. C'mon.

• He drinks more than socially.

• He doesn't actually know what socially means.

• He has problems with any other 3rd grade words.

• He owns a snowmobile. Or a kayak.

• He runs marathons and is looking for a partner to run with him.

• He thinks the man should be the head of the household.

• Or that cooking is a "woman's job."


  1. Or she doesn't catch the intent of the question "The most private thing I'm willing to admit" So many read it as 'A most private thing I'm willing to admit' which should illicit the responses I've read. I'm not an English major but believe most modifies private. This would mean if the most private thing one is willing to admit is that they have a penchant for eating an unusual food the reader is allowed a glimpse of what they may be like in some respect. That's the purpose of the question.

    1. Oh my goodness - I totally agree!

      My most private thing I'm willing to admit is that nuns hate me. It often prompts the question, "Why?" which is the reason I use it in my profile.