Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mr. Crazy Pants

Remember last spring, when a guy recognized me at the gym and I freaked out a little and hid all my dating profiles?

He messaged me last night.

He opened by asking me about my "emotional hang up." While I was busy screen-shotting the message to share with Baking Suit, and trying not to respond angrily, he sent another message that prompted Baking Suit to ask, "Is he high?!"

I wanted to respond that I have no emotional hang ups. Then I thought, that's not entirely accurate. We all have some sort of hang up, and mine could very well be emotional.

Then I was going to respond that turning him down in the past isn't related to my emotional hang ups. I just don't like him.

At first, it was that I wasn't interested. We have almost nothing in common, he's quite a bit older than me, and I don't like his profile (grammar, spelling, content, etc.)

When he approached me at the gym, my disinterest elevated to dislike. Why would I want to spend time with someone who purposely made me uncomfortable?

I knew that responding was a bad idea. It would only lead to a discussion I didn't want, and a debate I couldn't win. Sometimes it just makes sense to let someone think that it's you, not them, and move on.

While I was still pondering, he sent his second message, which was so confusing, I had no idea how to respond.

So I didn't. I'm hopeful he'll just go away. Or I'll block him.

I already changed gyms.


  1. I decided that I change my question from, "Is he high?" to "Is he batshit crazy?!?"

  2. Wow, much hostility from Mr. Crazy Pants with that opening question/accusation! And purposely keeping you uncomfortable sounds like dirty PUA tricks. I wonder if that works for him - deliberately asking women what their problem is, that they won't give him a chance. Then to prove they are fair-minded and not crazy, they *have* to go out with him. Clever, but I see what you're doing...

    I admire the self control you exhibited in not engaging. I think I would have taken the bait and reacted angrily, and you're right, there was no winning.

  3. I have not idea what to say, other than "ballet flats and capri pants?" Wise choice not to answer, wise choice