Thursday, July 21, 2011

Women are crazy and men are stupid

Do you read Amanda Talar's blog? You don't? What the heck is wrong with you?!

While you get caught up on her posts, let me share a couple of her most recent bits o' genius:

Women are confusing

Men are confusing

I agree - on both counts. Let me elaborate...

I think relationships are confusing. Let's face it - when your friends do something you just don't understand, you might wonder why, but you're not personally invested. It won't affect you if she goes on the date with the DUI guy, or he creates a dating profile when he really doesn't want to date anyone. So you shake your head, and you move on.

But when you're invested in the person - and in a relationship - and they do something puzzling, it's a whole new story. Now it matters. And if it's a new relationship, it matters even more because you have to wonder if it's a big deal with this person - or something that will just blow over. Is it something you can overlook forever, or is there a possibility it will change? Or is it a deal-breaker?

Everything gets so much more complicated - and confusing. Maybe the trick is to find the guy (or gal) who isn't confusing. Maybe that's how you know when it's right.

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