Friday, September 9, 2011

Online dating profile help - Part Two

Continued from here....

My advice, for what it was worth, was that maybe this particular site (a paid site) was not for him. Even though the free sites have far more people not seriously looking - they still have far more people. No matter how much science is behind the matches, a paid site is still limited to the pool of people who use their service. If the site is too expensive - it can be prohibitive.

The dating pool on a free site is much larger - and therefore your chances of meeting someone are increased. It's simple math.

He admitted that made some sense, and he did end up creating a profile on a free site, just to see what might happen. That presented another question - should he "dumb down" his profile? Was he just scaring women away?

That's not the first time someone has asked me that question. And I gave him the same answer I gave the first person.

If you're a smart, successful, passionate, funny, attractive, bright and interesting person - why on earth would you let your profile show any less? Of course, you don't want to give all the details away. Don't tell your life story - you need something to talk about. But if you have a truly dynamic personality - show it! If you have really cool pictures of yourself in unique places - post them! If nothing else, it's a conversation starter.

Besides, I said - if a woman is intimidated by his profile, is she really the woman for him? Maybe don't look at is as scaring away, but rather weeding out.

He agreed, and though he may have made a couple of slight changes, I'm told his profile remained pretty much the same as the first one I reviewed.

He's found a lot of colorful people on the new site - and one with some potential.

I guess sometimes, the best things in life really are free.

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