Friday, February 11, 2011

Crystal ball

Have you ever been to a psychic? I always thought it was lame. Not that I don't believe that people have those gifts - but it's not an exact science, you know? I didn't have any questions that were burning enough for me to part ways with perfectly good shoe-and-purse-money, on the off-chance someone might have an answer.

That is, until "the breakup." {side note: wouldn't it be great if our lives could be like Jennifer Aniston movies?}

So, I did some research, and found that one of the more reputable psychics in my area actually has an office right in the building where I work. (that whole small world thing again) She asked me to bring something personal, like a piece of jewelry that I always wear, and a list of questions. If I wanted to know about someone specific, I was to bring a picture of that person. So I arrived with a watch I wear just about every day, my questions - and a picture of me and Big.

She started off by saying she wanted to mention a few things that she'd "gotten" from meditating on me before our session. She mentioned the name Emily, broken glass and the Eiffel Tower (not the actual tower, but like a symbol on a key chain). She also said these could be things from my past, or my future...and it might be something that I don't recognize until one day in the car, I'm driving along and suddenly yell, "THAT's what she meant!"

As it turns out, I know two Emilys, and both are very important to me. The Eiffel Tower really meant nothing - until about a month later, I was shopping and found a luggage tag in an accessory aisle with the tower on it. As far as broken glass - I never made any connection there, until one day I was driving in my car, and I remembered a day when broken glass had a big impact on a date with Big. No, I'm not making any of that up.

It got me thinking...maybe there is something to the whole psychic thing, after all. Maybe some people really do have a gift for picking up on the energy around all of us. Maybe they can focus their thoughts and senses enough to see things that the rest of us really don't pick up on.

So what did she say about Big? She said (no I'm not kidding), "His feelings are genuine. You two are meant to be together."

Well - three out of four isn't bad.

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  1. Psychics are interesting and I believe there are some that truly have a gift for seeing the energy and reading people. Then again, there are hacks. Glad you found a good one :) Mostly good at least.