Monday, September 9, 2013

Fall into love

If you're on Facebook, you know this is the week kids everywhere returned to school. You know this, because your feed was undoubtedly flooded with pictures of kids you don't even know posing at bus stops everywhere.

(Side Note: I post none of these pictures. We should totally be connected on Facebook). 

(Second Side Note: Not for nothing, but if I had kids, I probably wouldn't post pictures of them on the internet, with their names, announcing where they go to school. But what do I know? I'm not a parent.)

When I was a kid, Fall was always a new beginning. A chance to finally be more organized; to study harder;
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to make more friends; to have the best outfits. I didn't always accomplish everything, but the point was, Fall was when my new year really started. That feeling has never really changed, and even as an adult, Fall is my favorite season. 

I think the theme of 'new month, new season, new beginning' translates into relationships, too. Seems that singles everywhere get a little anxious this time of year, reaching out to new people, and even trying to reconnect with ghosts from dates past. 

I shared this observation with Engineer. He thinks it's because people are faced with more time at home now that the weather is changing, and they don't want to spend that time alone. He also thinks people are thinking about securing a date for holiday parties, a New Year kiss, and the ever-important couples Halloween costume. 

While I myself am not especially concerned with finding a Beast to go along with my Belle, I see his point. There are certain times of the year when people don't want to be alone, and there are certain times of the year that inspire people to make changes, renew efforts, etc. 

I, personally, will probably stick with a wardrobe change - but, hey, you never know what might happen.

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