Monday, September 30, 2013

A little sting

In another attempt to change things, I have come face to face with a tough truth:
None of the guys in my area seem to be a good match for me.
Plenty of Fish seems to agree, and routinely suggests matches that 100+ miles away. Which is how I met a very nice man (I think we'll call him Jamaica).

Jamaica and I actually have a lot in common. From our career path (we at one time even worked for the same company), to hobbies, to lifestyle and political opinions, we are very in-sync. I have no doubt that if we could have just gone on a date, it would have been lovely. But, 150ish miles is a lot to ask, so we settled on several phone dates, all of which went very well and lasted several hours.

Still, when I suggested we meet, he blew me off. I mean - vanished. Thin air. Poof!

Which I suppose, given my recent history, should not surprise me. But it did. This was one guy who I thought might be different. At the very least, I thought if he wasn't interested, he'd be honest. Getting blown off when I've come to expect it is tough enough. But by the one guy I never thought would do it?

That one stung.

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  1. That sucks - I'm sorry to hear that. I've never fully understood why so many people feel the need to vanish like that. How hard is it just to send a quick message saying "sorry, I met someone else/changed my mind/got bad news from the clinic/had a sex change/whatever"? Maybe it's a bit awkward, but one of the advantages of online dating is that you don't have to see the person again in everyday life if things end awkwardly, so why the fear of sending one little awkward message? It has often confused me.