Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On a break

I prefer not to whine about my real life too much, and certainly never here (I have a whole other blog for that kind of whining). But, occasionally real life spills over into dating life... and that's happening right now.

I'm super-stressed over some things happening at work (the paycheck that actually pays my bills). I'm also super-stressed about a fundraising event I'm working on.

Do I have time to date? Sure I do. I'm not any busier than anyone else, and I can shuffle priorities with the best of 'em. My problem is not time management.

My problem is that when I'm stressed, I get depressed. When I get depressed, I shut down. That means that dating (you know - looking cute, being charming, actually talking to another human) is, like, work right now.

My other problem is that when I get depressed, I tend to view everything as a major pain in the neck, and I'm way too sensitive and unforgiving (Side Note: I've also been called to jury duty later this month. Those poor criminals don't stand a chance.). That's not a good place to be mentally when meeting new people and trying to determine if they're worth a little effort and/or compromise. In my current state of mind, I don't want to do either. For anyone. Ever. 

Add to all of this the fact that the dating pool is in some serious need of chlorine at the moment. The last few dates I've been on were complete jerks who eventually just blew me off with no explanation. The last few guys I just talked with turned out to be not at all what they portrayed. The last few men I tried dating seriously just didn't work out.

Basically, I'm just bad company right now. So, it might be time to regroup, hide the profiles, and come back swinging in October. Hopefully by then the work situation will be under control, jury duty will be done, and I will be through my fundraising event.

Life won't ever be boring or quiet for me (which is cool), and dating might never be completely easy. But it can be better. Like I said - it's all about priorities. Right now, I'm thinking dating shouldn't be one of mine.

So, maybe in celebration of, or inspired by, Unmarried and Single Americans Week - me and dating are officially on a break. Which, I guess makes me uber-single.