Friday, January 10, 2014

Solo holiday

I actually meant to hit publish on this closer to the holidays....technical difficulties. I've updated the end to make it a little more timely, though I believe the observations themselves hold just as true in January as they would have in December.

I'm basically a pretty happy person. Hopefully those who know me are nodding, and those who just read this blog are thinking, "Yeah, I can see that."

I was not kidding when I shared my guidelines for dating during the holidays. Something I forgot to mention: If you start dating someone too close to the holiday season, you run the risk of letting the inevitable breakup ruin your fun. (Unless you have a fool-proof method for identifying your soul-mate - in which case, you should be writing a book!)

That's just one more reason to remain single for the holidays, if you haven't met someone a few months out. But, if you do shy away from dating, you may wonder  - doesn't it suck to be single during all the parties and fun?

A little - but not really.

It does not suck to not have to worry about whether or not you need to purchase a gift - or what to get or how much to spend. It does not suck to be able to come and go from get-togethers on your own schedule - or avoid them altogether, if you choose. It does not suck to be spared the stress of organizing two schedules, when one is difficult enough.

What can suck?

It can suck if you really want to share the holidays. If you like the hustle and rushing around and stress of worrying and wondering what will be under your tree from your SO. Some people really enjoy that stuff; for them, being solo around the holidays probably sucks a little.

I, personally, am not one of those people. Having experienced first-hand this Christmas how easily one can find a headache from her own family (nevermind anyone else's), and how disappointing it can be to have your holi-date let you down - I'm not sure I'll ever care to share my holidays with anyone. Like, ever.

I'm also amending my original schedule. I used to think it was OK to dive right into the dating pool January 1. It occurs to me now that Valentine's Day might mess with that a little. Early January - fine. But I feel like you need to have a date secured by January 14 - or resign yourself to the fact that any date you do find for the big day will probably just be casual. Again - timing is everything.

If one of your friends decides to get married right after V-Day, and invites you with a plus-one? Forget it. You might as well go to the ASPCA in January and clean them out of cats, because your dating schedule is ----ed. 

(Relax - I'm obviously kidding. I also learned this Christmas I have a great knack for "embellishing....")

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