Monday, January 13, 2014

Urban legends

I used to think meeting the guy was just an urban legend. Like Loch Ness, or Champ (for those who know Upstate New York lore) or finding the perfect bra. Except, I personally know several women who have met wonderful men, and from the very first date, have known that he was The Guy.

One is a brand-new relationship - but the other two live together and are planning to get married. I know all these women pretty well, and I can tell you - these couples are the meant-to-be sort.
"This is the first time I'm not wondering anything..."
Just knowing that this sort of happiness is out there makes me feel a little hopeful. These are all women my age, dating in a post-divorce life where many think real love really is just a myth. It makes me smile, knowing that my friends - each of whom deserves all the happiness she can find - have found men who make their hearts happy.

It's also hopeful. Everyone's the guy is different, and everyone's perfect relationship is unique. It's just nice to think that honest, genuine happiness really does exist. It gives even the most cynical dater (ahem) something to look forward to.

I just may find that perfect bra after all.

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