Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The (dating) standings

Yesterday, over at Singles Warehouse, I wrote about a guy who approached me in a less-than-friendly way. He was gruff, and reprimanding - and just a little bit desperate.

Not very appealing.

Know what else is less than appealing? A guy who approaches you with a challenge, and then showing that the only reason he contacted you in the first place was to argue - or brag about his baseball team.

Part of my profile claims I can match any outfit to its shoes. (This, of course, is true.) A guy sent me an email last week that said:
So you can always match the outfit with the shoes, eh? Okay, smarty pants, what shoes would go best with a light blue checkered dress over a white blouse top--old canvas tie-ons, rusty tin boots, lion-leather loafers (with claw treads), or ruby slippers? 
Go Sox! >:D
I thought he was just being playful, so I replied that none of those shoes go with the outfit described and that was actually something I didn't like about the movie. Then I said all that glitter is such a mess, and jokingly asked him if the Red Sox are still playing. Then I smiled - to show I was being playful.

His response?
Glitter? They're RUBY! And, since the only way most women would be caught in that outfit is dead, then they match since, as you pointed out, they're to die for. 
Yes, the Sox are still playing...2.5 games ahead of NY, it seems, and because they're red, they match the slippers.
At this point, I figured he wasn't playfully joking. Which seemed silly to me. I mean, if he's not interested, that's very understandable. But who would purposefully contact someone - on a dating site - that they're not interested in dating, just to trash talk their favorite baseball team?

Seems....childish. Desperate. Honestly - (more than) a little pathetic. It even seems a little counterproductive. Why alienate someone with whom you could have a friendship? Someone who, if given the chance, might  be someone you could chat with, get advice from or share baseball games? Maybe even an ally - you never know who she might know (such as, someone you want to date in the future)?

It just seems to me that you never want to risk talking trash until you have all the information, and know all the players.

After all - standings change all the time.

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