Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doesn't it figure?

It figures. I went on two first dates last week. The first was with this really nice guy - about whom I had a lot of doubts. I wasn't sure how much we would really have in common, and I was concerned we might not be a great fit. But I as enjoying the email exchange, and he suggested meeting for ice cream.

Ice cream. Who says no to ice cream?

I really liked him. We have similar jobs - in that, both are office-type jobs that aren't really what we love, but they pay the bills - and are about the same age. We're both divorced, after having been married a long time. He has a daughter from his marriage, and has primary custody. We both like to write - and I told him about a couple of my more public blogs.

So, we had a really nice conversation for about two hours. He paid our bill - and then shook my hand. Yeah.

Safe to assume he wasn't interested, but he had asked me to email him with links to my blogs, so I did. In that email, I also thanked him for the date and said I'd like to get together again, if he was interested. He responded the next morning, saying "I'm glad you had a good to you soon." And I haven't heard from him since.

The next night, I had a first date with this guy. Prior to our dinner conversation, I was really looking forward to this date. It seemed like we might have a lot in common, tons to talk about and be a really good match in terms of age, lifestyle, interests, etc.

While we did, as I mentioned - there were red flags.

Doesn't it figure? I end up liking the guy I wasn't jazzed about - but he doesn't like me. The guy I was jazzed to meet gives me doubts - but won't stop texting me.

Yep - sounds about right.

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