Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Awful dates

I've been on some really bad dates. There was the guy from a couple of weeks ago who wanted to split the check - after suggesting dinner. He wasn't actually the first guy to do that to me - I went on one date with a guy pre-Big who did the same thing. At least this most recent guy was interesting - the first guy nearly put me to sleep in my pasta.

Let's not forget the guy who left the theater three times - three times! - to take a phone call. I also once went out with a guy who spent the entirety of our date trying to convince me why Alex Rodriguez is better than Derek Jeter.

He nearly didn't make it out alive.

But I do have to say, as bad as some of my dates have been, no one has suggested a venue that was a problem. Cliché or boring? Yes. But not a problem. Of course, I also take some ownership of my dates, too. If I get the feeling that a guy is going to suggest something I won't enjoy, and he's open to suggestions - I'll make one. I think everyone should do that - you can't bitch that you didn't like a date, if you don't put any effort into it yourself.

So, I'm not entirely sure I agree with this article from, which talks about six dates men should never suggest.

Sports-themed places
Theme parks
Chain restaurants
Gross-out comedies
To meet your mother.

I sincerely hope that last one is a joke - on a first date, I'd run away screaming. There'd be a GGS shaped hole in the wall.

But the others - I guess it's a good rule of thumb to avoid those dates in general, if you don't really know someone. I mean, if your date has a fear of heights, a theme park might not be the best choice. But if you've met someone who is into sports, or you you've been talking non-stop about seeing that movie, I guess I don't see what's wrong with these dates? With one caveat - I wouldn't recommend a theme park as a first date. That's a major time commitment, better left for when you know you want to spend that kind of time with the other person.

I think dates should be personal. You shouldn't go to the same place with every date - unless it's a very generic place you take first dates just to chat it up a bit. After that - and if you really want to make an impression - suggestions should be more catered to the her/him specifically.

Anything you'd add to the list? A must-avoid date spot?

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  1. I'd add "wherever you know all your friends are going to be hanging out that night" to the list - you're on a date to be with your date, not with your other friends.