Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Permanent reminder

Would you ever get a tattoo of your boyfriend's name? Or your girlfriend's face? Are you the subject of a tattoo, either with your current SO, or an ex?

I am.

X has a tattoo on his chest that is our names on a banner, over a heart, surrounded by flowers. It's on his left side, right over his heart. I've never asked, but I suspect the current X's girlfriend finds that a little bit annoying.

He says he doesn't regret getting the tattoo - that's how he felt at the time, and it isn't like we hate each other, so it's not a reminder of anything particular painful (at least, I don't think so). When he got the tattoo, he did tell me that if I ever broke up with him, I'd have to pay him rent. When we first separated, I reminded him that clause only came into play if I left him - ha!

But what if you had a tattoo that reminded you of a breakup that was incredibly painful? One that you'd just as soon forget? I gotta believe a constant, permanent reminder would make it difficult to move on.

Then again, if we go into every relationship just waiting for things to go wrong, and preparing for the worst, we're probably missing out on some unbelievably happy moments, don't you think? So maybe the people who go for broke, throw caution to the wind, are to be commended. Maybe we should all take a lesson from their faith, and hope, and show of trust?

Or maybe there's something to be said for people who just exchange jewelry.


  1. It's just as hard with the jewelry... especially if it's a piece you REALLY love.

    Then everytime you go to wear it, you remember who gave it to you...

    I don't know.. I just had to give those pieces away... or sell them...

    As for the tats...
    I almost got dragged into getting matching tattoo's with my ex husband (while we were still married, of course).
    I don't know what I'd do if I had a CHILI WILLI TATTOO now....

    Probably hate my ex even more.

  2. Any good tattoo artist will tell you it's a relationship jinx to tattoo your SO's name on your body. My ex-fiance tattooed the name of the woman he left me for on the back of his neck right before they got married. They are divorcing before their one-year anniversary. And he was very against having a tattoo of a SO's name until her (his tattoo for me is a Japanese princess, which he hasn't covered up; he just changed the eye color to match his soon-to-be-ex-wife but the robe color I picked is still the same).

    I also agree with Kateri. Jewelry is hard too. I have two beautiful rings and a necklace from my ex. I can't seem to give them up so I'm thinking of making all three into one necklace or maybe a bracelet.