Friday, March 30, 2012

Your date is dead

Not your actual date, as in the person. I mean the date the two of you are on is dead. Finished. Done. Over. Horrible.

Just about any woman can give you a dating horror story. I've heard stories of women being left at a restaurant because her date's ex went into labor (with his baby). I know a woman who went on a first date with a guy who promptly informed her that the two of them should be exclusive. On the first date. Oy.

I've (luckily) not been on a date that bad. I have had guys choose the restaurant - then hand me the bill. That's always fun.

I'm going on vacation (with my favorite cousins, so there will be no horror stories). There will definitely be posts while I'm gone, but feel free to use this post as an open thread to tell your worst (or best) dating stories.


  1. It's not so easy for guys either, I went on a date once and the girl brought a dude.

  2. I met a guy when I was working as a hostess at Bennigan's. He said he would like to take me to a REAL restaurant, I was all excited about it because well he said some place nice. He took me to Golden Corral. He kept wanting to hold my hand, and he had sweaty palms. Then he picked his teeth before we ate, with an extra long pinky nail. I excused myself and caught a bus to Bennigan's and had a 1/2 price meal using my employee discount. Never again.

  3. hah, bad dates = bad guys)I really hate the guys who hand u a bill after a cafe - it`s really ashaming to invite a girl and say "thank u for ur coming to me" like this)

  4. My friend also has a bad luck sometimes. Once her date came with his little sister and told her that there was noone he could leave his sister with. It was cute, but his sister was about 3 years old and a real MONSTER! My friend was terribly confused, as it was their first date. The other time she met a guy, who left my friend alone in an expensive restaurant, saying her he wanted to the men's room, but in fact he escaped! Some guys are real loosers, that's it!