Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are you generous or attractive?

Seems like there's a dating site for just about every person, situation, or possibility. I don't judge; if it feels right, and doesn't hurt anyone, I say rock on.

I'm intrigued by the idea of a travel dating site. went live on April 9, with promises to pair generous members with attractive members. The generous members pay for the trips - airfare, accomodations, dining.

So what do the attractive members do? Other than agree to accompany the generous members on the adventures, it doesn't appear much. Oh, and look attractive, I guess.

Sounds like dating for a purpose, right? Exactly. In fact, that's what the site's founder Brandon Wade seems to do best. He also runs,, and Says Wade,
All my websites have one theme in common - generosity. Generosity goes a long way when it comes to dating.
Uh huh. Thing is...I thought there was already a name for people who date others for their "generosity?"

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  1. I could possibly have a price, but it would be far above that of a vacation with someone else.