Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Relationship status

I have facebook friends who change relationship status the way I change shoes. Personally, I don't understand that - unless it's a pretty permanent thing, and really is a defining part of your life - why is it relevant? I suppose that's another blog.

But thanks to these friends, even though I stopped displaying my relationship status on facebook years ago, I know they've added some options over the years. Out of curiosity, I looked at the options the other day. The choices, in no particular order:

  • single
  • married
  • in a relationship
  • divorced
  • in a civil union
  • engaged
  • it's complicated
  • widowed
  • in a domestic partnership
  • separated 
  • in an open relationship

Seems to me that a few are missing. My suggestions:

  • in denial (it's over, but you're not willing to let go)
  • hanging on (he's left; you're convinced he'll be back)
  • wallowing (you've accepted that he's not coming back, but won't admit you're single yet)
  • bitter (you've admitted that you're single, but you're still angry)
  • crush (you really, really like someone, and have therefore built a wall to keep everyone else out)
  • stalker (your crush is two steps away from having a restraining order sworn out against you)

I suppose an argument could be made that any of these could be covered by "it's complicated." I would argue that if any of these (or any other "complicated") apply - you should consider just removing the relationship status from your profile.

Not that everyone doesn't appreciate the warning.


  1. I so love this one. My relationship status in facebook is married with my bf and if we had an argument I immediately change it to single specially if I'm really mad. The point is that whatever status you have in fb it's all up to you. If your suggestions will be added I will surely be glad to apply it immediately!