Friday, April 6, 2012

Missing you

My vacation is slowly winding down. Want to know something cool? I really, truly missed Trooper. 

Not the, "I hope he didn't forget all about me" sort of missing. Certainly not the, "I wonder what he was up to while I was gone?" sort, either. 

Just an honest, genuine, "I'm happy - but I'm happier when I'm with him," sort of feeling. 

It may not seem like a big deal to some, but it really is for me (and I bet a few others out there). It is so easy to get used to someone in your life that you don't even realize that you don't really want them there anymore - you've just accepted they belong. 

You get stuck in a rut...and you just figure that's how things are supposed to be. You give up being happy in favor of being comfortable or content or secure. You don't even want to risk questioning how you feel, because you know the answer might not be easy.

I know a lot of couples who never take a break from one another. Who never take time to reconnect with others in their lives - or even with just themselves. They never risk, never question, and never take a deeper look at how they're really feeling.

It's nice when you've learned not to make that mistake. 

It's even better when you learn that the person from whom you took a break, is someone you really, truly want around.

Which is totally worth the risk.

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