Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Online dating - safety first

I didn't write this post, but I do think this is an important topic. When I would go on a first date with any guy, I always did my research before-hand, drove myself, and made sure at least a couple of friends knew where I would be. Safety should always be first, regardless of how you meet the person, but it's a definite concern when you meet someone online.

This guest post comes to us from Sabrina Jackson, a guest post contributor who enjoys writing about dating and relationships. In addition, Sabrina also owns Free Dating Sites, where she focuses on educating singles about safe methods of online dating.

Hey ladies, there are lots of fish in the sea…and if you’ve decided to try your luck and cast your rod in the giant waters of the world wide web, there is a good chance that you could reel in some amazing catches. But because you never know what’s lurking in the murky depths of the internet, you also run the risk of luring in a shark or two. So before you bait your line in some possibly rough waters, be sure to secure yourself with the proper floatation device by checking out a few safety tips for each leg of your journey.

Step #1: You’re thinking about online dating… If you haven’t had any luck dating by traditional methods and you’ve been toying with the idea of dating online, it’s imperative that you do your homework before settling on the first internet dating service that you come across. Not only should you pick a site that is chalk full of available bachelors, but you should also pick a site that has a reputation for success and offers features that allow you to communicate with said bachelors in the safest way possible.

Step #2: You meet a guy online… So you’re using your online dating service and it has delivered some compatible prospects—score! But no matter how handsome the guy is in his picture, no matter how charming his emails are, and no matter how badly you may want to give into his requests to meet up immediately—don’t rush into things! You never know if the guy really is the Porsche-driving, Channing Tatum look-alike, doctor that he claims to be or if he’s some jobless creep sitting in his mother’s basement just waiting to take advantage of an innocent online dater like yourself. For this reason, take your time getting to know your match over the web and never reveal the following details about yourself right away:  

  • Last name
  • Home address
  • Work address
  • Personal email address
  • Phone number
  • Financial information
  • Any other material that would separate you from the next online gal

Step #3: You are preparing for your first in-person date... When the time comes for the first face-to-face meeting with the guy you’ve gotten to know online, it can be very exciting. As you spend hours fixing your hair, trying on countless little black dresses and practicing your most flirtatious smile in front of the mirror, one thing you mustn’t forget to do before you head out on your hot date is review your safety smarts! So be sure to keep the following advice in mind to have a safe (and fun!) date:

  • Spread the news. You’re sure to dish about the new man in your life right? So pre-date, don’t forget to dish to a friend or family member about the guy and where the two of you are going.  Keep your cell phone by your side should things go awry and you need to reach your emergency contact.
  • Be your own chauffeur. Of course you want a gentlemen to pick you up in his horse-drawn carriage and sweep you off your feet—but to be safe, it’s a good idea to use your own form of transportation when meeting someone you don’t know. If he really is Prince Charming, there will be plenty of time for him to impress you with his gentlemanly ways later.  
  • Keep the drinks virgin. That glass of Merlot may sound great when the first date nerves are getting the best of you—but if you give in to alcohol and throw all good sense out the window in the name of a little fun, the guy you just met may wind up getting the best of you in the end. So for the first few outing with your online match, say no to alcoholic beverages in order to remain aware of what is going on around you at all times.  
  • Trust your gut.  As a woman, you know that your instincts tend to be dead on. So be sure to listen to them when they tell you that your date has some serious psychopath potential. If the guy is making you the least bit uncomfortable, there is no need to hang around and wait for the check. Grab your gear and haul butt outa there to a safe place!


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  2. I do agree that when it comes to online dating it really matters that you secure yourself first because you haven't really known the person you met in the internet. There are lots of what if's that comes in your mind because you're not that sure that he's really telling his real identity. That is why, when it comes to meeting that person personally you need to think out of the box I mean you need to make sure that you're safe and you will not regret with it. Your tips is really helpful. Thanks for this.

  3. wow this is so informative , i were to ask on how to achieve safe online dating the best first thing you need to do is to do a background check on him. Ask him some questions like real name , age and the place where she lives in. just give time in knowing each other more before giving trust .

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