Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Real thing

We're always looking for signs, especially when it comes to dating. We always want to know if it's the real thing without having to actually ask - so we read signs. I'm personally very bad at that - I tend to misread to the extreme. I either think things are going really well, when the guy is actually totally not into me - or I think it's totally wrong, when in fact, it's the real deal.

So I actually have to ask.

But there are signs that can help even the most challenged dater figure out if what's going is the real deal, or just another filler-date. How About We has a great wrap-up of a few signs to look for.

My personal favorite? You're both breaking all the rules. I think if you've found the right guy - you're going to write your own rules, anyway.


  1. Asking for signs is good. I myself also is asking a good sign to God specially when I have a crush and I'm not really hoping that he will like me too I just need a sign so that if he's really not into me I will let go and find someone who will gonna love me.