Thursday, February 27, 2014

False advertising

I came across this profile the other day, and based on the photo, honestly thought the guy was probably a stripper. Turns out, he's actually in law enforcement. (I'm sharing the photo so you can see what I mean. I cropped out his face to be nice.)

I was a little disappointed. I mean, a stripper could have been a fun blog post. But there's not much exciting, or blog-worthy, about a police officer. Then Baking Suit gave me a great idea for a new angle.

False advertising.

As bad as it is to not post a photo, photos also need to be up to date, clear, and accurate, in order to be useful. My own personal guidelines:

• Recent - Preferably within the last six months. At the very least, photos should have been taken within the last year.

• Clear - Don't resize a 2MP photo taken with your ancient camera. That just proves it's old.

• Not misleading - My best friend is gorgeous. So is my cousin. I have plenty of pictures of us together. If I posted one, plenty of guys would email me, hoping to connect with the tall, gorgeous blonde in the photos. Who the heck is that helping?! It should be easy to tell who you are, since it's your profile.

• Not dark - Similar to the blurry resized photos, a picture is only helpful if I can actually see what you look like.

• Full picture - Ideally, a closeup of your face and a full-length shot. Hey - I'm no bombshell. If I can do it, so can you.

• Smile! - A while back, I saw a profile in which the guy started off by saying he loved to smile. In his photo? No smile. What is that?!

(For the record, the guy in this photo wasn't guilty of anything wrong...he just inspired my thoughts, so I thought I'd share.)

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