Friday, April 12, 2013

A little boring

In case you're one of the people worried that single gals are always completely lonely and bored, listen to how my weekend went.

Saturday morning - I was approached by Mr. Crazy-Pants at the gym. He wouldn't take my hints to go away, so I had to leave. I hurried home and immediately hid all of my profiles. On a bright note, I have never moved so quickly during a workout.

Saturday afternoon - After canceling a date on Friday, Bachelor #1 texted to find out how late I would be (I was attending a party out of town). He thought perhaps we could "meet up" after.

Does that sound like an attempt at a booty-call? It did to me - and it annoyed me. A lot.

During the party, I received an email from Chef. Just checking in (after, like, three months). Hopes I will hang out with him sometime.

On the way home from the party, I received an email on Match from a guy I've been trying to connect with for two months. He favorited me, I winked at him, he winked back, I emailed him - and he never responded, until now. Finally some good news! We exchanged phone numbers, but that was all.

I got home from the party around midnight. At 12:30 am, I got a text from a guy who I had never met in person, and only emailed briefly on Plenty of Fish. He'd asked me out for Saturday, so he knew I had plans. Guess he assumed I'd be awake. He suggested we meet out. I declined.

I'm not positive he was attempting a booty call. However, guys, it's worth noting that when you suggest getting together after a certain hour (I'd say about 10 pm) it's always - always - suspect.

While I was lamenting my day by venting to Baking Suit, I got another text. At 1:15 am. From a guy I've been talking with, but haven't met. His text consisted of, "Wyd?" I didn't answer.

Talk about suspect. This totally felt like another attempted booty-call. At this point, I just wanted to cry.

On Sunday, I'd agreed to meet Mr. 12:30am for coffee, though I had no hope we would have a connection. I was right. I was in the coffee shop for less than an hour. While I was in there, I got a text from Mr. Ding-a-Ling, and an email from another guy on Plenty of Fish.

I wished both of them a Happy Sunday. Then I went home and hid under the covers until Monday night.

Sometimes, a little boring is exactly what a single gal needs.


  1. Whoa. That's... whoa.

    And I agree.. any texting to meet up after 10p... Is never a good sign...

    I use to have a guy "friend" (we were mutual acquaintances, I was still married, and he didn't really seem to care).... Anyway, he would CALL me after 11p, on most weekends... And it got to the point where I would have to put my phone on silent. All he wanted to do was vent about whatever chick he was "dating", and how he needed a "real girl". As, I said, I was married, and even though I was unhappy in it... I was definitely NOT interested in that.

    Guys are crummy... sometimes.

  2. Yes, guys are crummy sometimes. I'm hopeful this weekend will be better.