Thursday, December 16, 2010

Changes, Lessons and Trends

It's funny how different love and dating is today, compared to even just five years ago. My friends are amazed that pretty much every date I've had since my divorce has been with a guy I met through a dating website. Now that I've met someone on twitter - they really don't know what to think.

But it seems like I'm not the only one. According to this article, which I found from the Your Tango twitter feed, mobile dating (accessing sites through smart phones) and meeting through social networks like twitter and facebook will take off in popularity in 2011.

Interestingly enough, the article also says that many singles will abandon online dating in favor of match-makers - and couples will introduce social media bans and/or limits into their relationships. *shudders*

Some other trends the article predicts?

Smarter sexting (thanks Brett Favre)
A return to traditional gender roles (oh, dear)
"Deal Breakers" will become a thing of the past

Personally, I have already abandoned my "deal breakers" in favor of a more open-mind. Not because I'm settling, or care more about financial stability as the article suggests. I've grown up a bit in the last twelve months, and it turns out - my deal breakers weren't really all that good.

I'm all for smarter sexting (or, none at all, if that's the smartest route - which is often the case). Traditional gender roles, though? If you know me in real life, I think it's safe to assume this will not be one of my trends in 2011.

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