Friday, December 17, 2010

Small World

It's ironic that things like twitter, facebook and blogs make our world bigger, and at the same time, show us how small it really is. 

In my "real world" life got weird a couple weeks ago on facebook, when I discovered a long-forgotten connection with a "new" friend. 

In my dating world (aka The Big World) I recently found out a couple of things about Mr. 28-Year-Old.

I suspected he lived near Big. I was disappointed to find out they actually live in the same complex. I was mortified to find out they actually live in the same building. Crap.

I (obviously) knew that Mr. 28-Year-Old also knows Big (through twitter). What I didn't know was that the whole reason I met Mr. 28-Year-Old was because Big suggested he follow me. Oy.

How's that for a small world? And you thought your life was awkward.

Happy Friday!!


  1. As my girlfriend said (after she was done rolling on the floor laughing): Only me.